Kindly let us know if you are an alumnus of the Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory at the University of Houston and have not been listed on this page. Please see the Students page for the present list associated with AEL.

Most of the following theses can be found in UH library.

  • Fangzhou Chen (Ph.D., 2019)
  • Ran Guo (Ph.D., 2019)
  • Xiaohe Ji (Ph.D., 2019)
  • Nicholas A Boggs (M.S., 2014)
    A Cylindrical Dielectric Surface-Wave Antenna
  • Cong Gao (Ph.D., 2012)
    Stochastic Methods and Their Applications in Statistical Electromagnetic Modeling
  • Yan Liu (Ph.D., 2012)
    Numerical and Experimental Study of MRI RF Effect on Various Medical Devices
  • Phuc (Adam) Huynh (Ph.D., 2011)
    Investigations of Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antennas with Improved Impedance and Radiation Performance
  • Ellen O’Connor (Ph.D., 2011)
    Endfire Radiation from Leaky-Wave Antennas
  • Sohini Sengupta (M.S., 2011)
    Analysis of a Linear Series-Fed Rectangular Microstrip Antenna Array
  • Ferhat Turker Celepcikay (Ph.D., 2010)
    Efficient Calculation of Layered-Medium Periodic Green’s Function
  • Lien Dang (Ph.D., 2010)
    Design and Analysis of a High Power Waveguide-Fed Reduced Lateral Wave Antenna
  • Varada Rajan Komanduri (Ph.D., 2010)
    Investigation of Reduced Surface Wave Microstrip antennas and 1D Leaky-Wave Antennas for Broadside Radiation
  • Shiji Pan (M.S., 2009)
    Investigation of Wireless Power Transfer
  • Weixin Dong (Ph.D., 2008)
    Phase and Group Delays for Circularly-Polarized GPS Microstrip Antennas
  • Anthony Lau (M.S., 2008)
    Investigation of Fields from Broadband over Power Line Communications
  • Vikram Shete (M.S., 2008)
    Miniaturization of Reduced Surface Wave Antennas
  • Osman Kanlioglu (Ph.D., 2007)
    Analysis and Design of Via Loaded Microstrip Antennas
  • Hao Xu (Ph.D., 2006)
    Analysis and Design of Broadband Reduced Surface Wave Antennas and Miniaturized Microstrip Antennas with Via Loading
  • Kathleen Akkerman (M.S., 2005)
    The Analysis and Control of Radiation from Conducting Structures Using Characteristic Modes
  • Christopher S. De Young (M.S., 2005)
    An Investigation of Wideband Dielectric Resonator Antennas
  • William L. Langston (Ph.D., 2005)
    Time-Domain Pulse Propagation on a Microstrip Transmission Line Excited by a Gap Voltage Source
  • Chatrpol Lertsirimit (Ph.D., 2005)
    Electromagnetic Coupling to a Device on a Printed Circuit Board
  • Akbar L. Ng (M.S., 2005)
    Design of a Multiband Low-Profile Antenna System for Public Safety
  • Siddharth S. Oroskar (M.S., 2005)
    Efficient Computation of Periodic Green’s Function in Layered Media Using the Ewald Method
  • Benjamin J. Fasenfest (M.S., 2004)
    Fast Computation for Large Arrays
  • Andrew G. Walsh (M.S., 2004)
    An Investigation of Stacked and Embedded Dielectric Resonator Antennas
  • Lorena Isela Basilio (Ph.D., 2003)
    New GPS Microstrip Patch Antennas Designed For Reduced Multipath Susceptibility
  • Ling Chen (Ph.D., 2003)
    Design and Analysis of Reduced Surface Wave Antennas and Arrays
  • Timothy Francis Kennedy (M.S., 2003)
    Modification and Control of Currents on an Electrically Long Monopole Antenna
  • Michael Amin Khayat (Ph.D., 2003)
    Numerical Modeling of Thin Materials in Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
  • Tianxia Zhao (Ph.D., 2003)
    Analysis and Design of 2-D Periodic Leaky Wave Antennas Using Metal Patches or Slots
  • Patrick Fink (Ph.D., 2002)
    Higher Order Modeling in the BEM and Hybrid BEM/FEM Formulations
  • Abbas Khajeh (M.S., 2001)
    Investigation of Microwave Sensors for Measuring the Complex Permittivity of Lossy Material Inside a Pipe
  • William L. Langston (M.S., 2001)
    Radiation from a Practical Source on a Covered Microstrip Line
  • Vickie B. Davis (Ph.D., 2000)
    Design and Characterization of Shorted-Annular-Ring Reduced-Surface-Wave Microstrip Antennas
  • Feinian Wang (M.S., 2000)
    High-Tc Superconducting RF Receiver Coils for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Small Animals
  • Michael Amin Khayat (M.S., 1999)
    The Mutual Coupling Between Shorted Annular Ring-Reduced Surface Wave Antennas
  • William L. Langston (B.S., 1999)
    Development of an Algorithm for the Acquisition and Analysis of High-Frequency Antenna Pattern Data (Honors Thesis)
  • Lorena Isela Basilio (M.S., 1998)
    Analysis and Design of a Capacitively-Tuned Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna
  • Dawei Li (Ph.D., 1998)
    Aperature-Coupled Microstrip Antenna Array Fed by a Dielectric Guide
  • Amit Radheyshyam Mehrotra (M.S., 1998)
    A General Reduced Surface-Wave Theorem and Its Application to an Annular Ring Microstrip Patch Antenna
  • Na Li (Ph.D., 1997)
    The Analysis and Design of High-Temperature Superconducting Leaky-Wave Antennas
  • Swati Majumder (Ph.D., 1997)
    Spectral Gaps and Radiation Characteristics of One-Dimensional Periodic Leaky-Wave Antennas
  • Kassem Ali Awada (Ph.D., 1996)
    Application of the Finite Element Method for Dipole Source Localization in a 2-D EEG Model
  • William J. Brown (Ph.D., 1996)
    Higher Order Modeling of Surface Integral Equations
  • Nathan J. Champagne II (Ph.D., 1996)
    A Three-Dimensional Method of Moments Formulation for Material Bodies in a Planar, Multi-Layered Medium
  • Timothy Eugene Harrington (M.S., 1996)
    Open Resonators for Anisotropic Superconductor and Dielectric Testing
  • Jarrett David Morrow (Ph.D., 1996)
    High-Temperature Superconducting Microstrip Patch Antennas and Arrays
  • Rickard P. Alfredeen (M.S., 1995)
    Two-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of a Magnetic Field Heater Using the Finite Element Method
  • David R. Jazdyk (M.S., 1995)
    Experimental Characterization of Microstrip Discontinuities
  • Frank J. Villegas (M.S., 1995)
    An Investigation of the Leakage Fields from Planar Semi-Infinite Transmission Lines
  • Kevin W. Ommodt (M.S., 1994)
    A Moment Method Solution for Layered Media with Efficient Sommerfeld Integral Evaluation
  • Jagannath Poosarla (M.S., 1994)
    A High Temperature Superconducting Leaky-Wave Antenna
  • David Nghiem (Ph.D., 1993)
    An Investigation of Dominant-Mode Leakage on Multiple-Layered Stripline and Microstrip Structures
  • Shuhua Jiang (M.S., 1992)
    Survey of Beaming Properties of an Extremely Large Phased Array on the Limb of the Moon
  • Brian David Pollard (B.S., 1992)
    Characterization of High Temperature Superconducting Thin Films With Dual Stripline Resonators (Honors Thesis)
  • Robert Milton Sharpe (Ph.D., 1992)
    Moment Method Analysis of Complex Structures Containing Cavity-Backed Apertures
  • Richard Loy Smith Jr. (M.S., 1992)
    Design and Experimental Characterization of a Coplanar Waveguide Fed High Temperature Superconducting Microstrip Patch Antenna
  • Richard Dale Bynum (M.S., 1991)
    Techniques for the Characterization of High Temperature Superconductors
  • Nathan J. Champagne II (M.S., 1991)
    Method of Moments Formulations for Thin Wire Antennas and Scatterers Using Piecewise Linear and Curved Wire Segments
  • Norma Weaver Montgomery (Ph.D., 1991)
    Periodic Structures in Stratified Media – A Mixed Potential Formulation
  • Pavan K. Potharazu (M.S., 1991)
    Leaky-Wave Propagation Characteristics of Strip-Grating and EMC Dipole Array
  • Joseph E. Wheeler III (Ph.D., 1991)
    Formulation and Investigation of Finite Integral Techniques for Computing Electromagnetic Fields in the Presence of Arbitrary Inhomogeneous Objects
  • Kassem Ali Awada (M.S., 1990)
    Analysis of Dielectric Gratings of Arbitrary Profiles
  • Qinglun Chen (Ph.D., 1990)
    Electromagnetic Modeling of Three-Dimensional Piecewise Homogeneous Material Bodies of Arbitrary Composition and Geometry
  • Chia-Min Cheng (M.S., 1990)
    Pre-processing and Matrix Assembly Subroutines for EMPACK: A Software Toolbox for Numerical Eletromagnetics
  • Shian-Uei Hwu (Ph.D., 1990)
    Electromagnetic Modeling of Conducting and Dielectric Coated Wire, Surface, and Junction Configurations
  • David Nghiem (M.S., 1990)
    A General Analysis of Multiple-Layer Striplines
  • Sujata Rawal (M.S., 1990)
    Calculation of Conductor Loss on a Stripline
  • Andrew W. C. Chu (M.S., 1989)
    The Radiation Pattern of a Monopole Antenna Mounted on a Cubical Conducting Box
  • Deborah Kessler Langan (M.S., 1989)
    Numerical Solution of Transverse Electric Scattering by Inhomogeneous Two-Dimensional Composite Dielectric and Metallic Bodies of Arbitrary Cross Section
  • Alan D. MacDonald (M.S., 1989)
    Microwave Characterization of High Tc Superconductors Using Planar Transmission Line Resonators
  • Steve E. Slawson (M.S., 1989)
    Development of Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Reactively Loaded Microstrip Antennas
  • Seshasai V. Yesantharao (M.S., 1989)
    EMPACK: A Software Toolbox of Potential Integrals for Computational Electromagnetics
  • Lieh Chang (M.S., 1988)
    A Study of the Vector Form of the “On Surface Radiation Condition” Method Applied to Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
  • Shih-Hao Chen (M.S., 1988)
    A Theoretical and Computational Study of the “On Surface Radiation Condition” Method in Scalar Scattering Problems
  • Heriberto Jose Delgado (M.S., 1988)
    Antenna Pattern Measurement Techniques for Infinite Ground Plane Simulation Through Edge Diffraction Elimination
  • Arturs Eriks Dinbergs (M.S., 1988)
    Analysis and Design of an Array of Electromagnetically Coupled Microstrip Dipoles
  • Antonio Ip (M.S., 1988)
    Radiation and Propagation of Cylindrical Leaky Waves on a Planar Dielectric Multi-Layer Structure
  • Roger A. Kranenburg (M.S., 1988)
    Planar Transmission Line Excitation of Dielectric Resonator Antennas
  • Sai Chong Kwok (M.S., 1988)
    Analysis and Design of a Traveling-Wave Array of Vertical Monopoles in a Substrate
  • Prakash Manghnani (M.S., 1988)
    Design and Analysis of an Array of Electromagnetically Coupled Microstrip Patches
  • Mohammed Ajaz Ali Khan (M.S., 1987)
    Study of Loaded Microstrip Antennas and Their Application to Arrays
  • Robert Milton Sharpe (M.S., 1987)
    Electromagnetic Scattering and Radiation by Discrete Bodies of Revolution
  • Shyamal Bhattacharya (M.S., 1986)
    A Study of the Admittance Characteristics of a Monopole Antenna Attached to a Conducting Box
  • Sompongse Toomsawasdi (Ph.D., 1986)
    Moment Method Analysis of a Microstrip Antenna Using a Patch-Edge Integral Equation
  • Esin Chang (M.S., 1985)
    An Experimental Study of Electrically Thick Rectangular Microstrip Antennas
  • Joseph R. Zinecker (M.S., 1985)
    Efficient Computation of Green’s Functions for Periodic Structures
  • Shayla Erin Dennis Davidson (M.S., 1984)
    Experimental Study of Reactively Loaded Dual-Frequency Microstrip Antennas
  • Shih-Chang Frank Huang (Ph.D., 1984)
    Techniques for Measuring the Dielectric Properties of Samples Using Coaxial-Line and Insulated Antenna
  • Mark W. McAllister (Ph.D., 1983)
    The Resonant Dielectric Antenna: Experiment and Theory
  • Joseph R. Zinecker (B.S., 1982)
    Computation of the Driving Point Impedance of a Rectangular Microstrip Antenna (Honors Thesis)
  • Brij Bhushan Popli (M.S., 1981)
    Numerical Analysis of Radiation into the Air Due to a Dipole Embedded in a Dense Medium
  • Afroz J. M. Zaman (Ph.D., 1981)
    A Theoretical Investigation of Eddy Current Response to Subsurface Flaws for Application in Nondestructive Evaluation
  • Shih-Chang Frank Huang (M.S., 1979)
    An Antenna for Underground Radio Communication
  • Weiming Ou (M.S., 1979)
    Nondestructive Measurement of Thickness and Dielectric Constant of a Dielectric Layer on a Conductive Substrate by Means of Surface Electromagnetic Waves
  • Faramarz Vaziri (Ph.D., 1979)
    Electromagnetic Fields of Underground Antennas
  • Martin Ray Allerding (M.S., 1976)
    An Experimental Investigation of the Circular Disc Antenna
  • Chun Chi Lee (M.S., 1976)
    Coupled Yagi-Uda Arrays of Dipoles
  • Pierre Bertrand Morel (M.S., 1976)
    A Theoretical Investigation of the Circular Printed Circuit Antenna
  • George Wadih Raffoul (Ph.D., 1976)
    The Infinitely Long Yagi Array of Concentric Circular Loops
  • Mark D. Walton (M.S., 1976)
    An Experimental Study of the Printed-Circuit Circular Disc Antenna
  • Nabil Kamel Takla (M.S., 1974)
    Numerical Analysis of the Yagi-Uda Array